Sponsors & supporters:

This expedition had been made possible by the kind contributions of the following partners. Do you want to sponsor the team as well? Have your flag at the summit of Everest or your gear in a supporting role in our documentary? Do you want a private or corporate screening of the Documentary with an exclusive lecture by the team? Please take a look at our sponsor packages here (200kb, PDF), also there are some backgrounders (100kb, PDF)Please contact us with any proposal using the Feedback form. Thanks in advance!

You can also donate to the team directly: get listed in the documentary credits!
Just click this button and pay with Paypal or credit cards:
(you will go the 7summits Paypal page, where you can donate. 1 €uro is about 1,18 U$D)

PS: this sponsor money will be used to pay for the team's expenses and for the production of the documentary.
If you want to sponsor the charities instead (100% going to the charities), please go here instead and donate directly.

Corporate team Sponsors

The North Face

has supplied us with great gear that will get us safely and comfortably up and down while looking damn good! Never stop exploring! Thanks The North face, Henry, Hans & Keesjan from CJ agencies for your support through the years!!

Jet Airways

Jet Airways, India’s most preferred airline, operates over 300 flights daily to 48 destinations that span the length and breadth of India and beyond, including Colombo, Kathmandu, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and London Heathrow. Winner of many awards, Jet Airways is an airline where warm Indian hospitality blends with international expertise. Its well planned flight timings to Kathmandu enable you to enjoy convenient connections from across the network via Delhi.


The Manfrotto Group supplies us with tripods and other photographic and videographic gear of the highest quality! Thanks Manfrotto!


The Sennheiser EW 112P G2 portable camera microphone system puts theory firmly into practice.This truly professional wireless system, with a staggering 1440 tunable UHF frequencies,means interference-free reception wherever you are in the world.Combine it with the MKE 2 Ew miniature broadcast microphone and the Rycote Overcover windshield system and you have a professional system that will perform under the most extreme conditions with consummate ease.
Evolution by Sennheiser - the natural selection.


Yaesu & Vertex Standard supply the best and most rugged transceivers. In our team communication is very important, therfore we will use their new water- & weatherproof VX-120 handsets with the VC-24 VOX headsets. In their own words:

Be Fast, Be Different, Be Daring
Over land, sea or sky . . .

Peli cases

For the ultimate in protection and transportation Ernest Vonk at www.peli.nl has most generously supported our expedition with nearly 2000 Euros worth of cases… Offering air tight and crush proof protection for all of our film and communication equipment… They are even Yak proof too !!


Sony has over 20 years experience helping programme makers get the very best from their productions and provides a range of High Definition formats suitable for a variety of budgets and applications. The "Sight on Everest" team has chosen to use Sony's HDV camcorders for its expedition as they offer the most cost effective, compact and easy to use solution for the difficult trek conditions. The HDV camcorders will provide the team with the ability to capture High Definition images at every stage of the climb

Fofic Media Solutions

Fofic Media Solutions is een verkooporganisatie gericht op de verkoop en advisering van professionele editing-, camcorder-  en videoproducten    


Using PAG lights will allow the film crew to operate in darkness, Our equipment will function under the most challenging conditions with minimal weight and fuss.

Lee Filters

Inspiring Professionals. The System from LEE Filters. A totally integrated range of Lighting and Camera Filters designed specifically for use in film, television, theatre and stills photography.

Everything you need for the perfect shot. Every time.


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